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No stock-outs, no waiting lines

We use advanced computer sensing technologies to detect operational anomalies all over the shops, in real time.

Realtime, automatic, easy to install

We believe in semi-automated stores where technology handles the heavy work so that staff can focus on helping customers.

How it works?


Data are collected in the store

Any regular picture of your store can be used, whether coming from staff smartphone, fixed cameras or even robots. We are also capabable of leveraging complementary sensors like RFID or pressure tags.

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Data are analysed remotely

Our computer vision stack computes in real time and "on the fly" what is wrong all over the shop. We do not limit ourself to one specific type of issues and are constantly adding more features.

Here is the list of anomalies we can currently detect


A TODO list in your pocket

Staff in the store receive on their smartphone a list of the anomalies that they can instantly fix, to boost performance and increase revenue.

We are also delivering our solution as web API.

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